Daily News Bulletin: 6 dead in Kalamazoo shooting rampage


6 dead in Kalamazoo shooting rampage
Police have arrested Jason Brian Dalton in connection with three shooting incidents that killed six people and injured two more in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, prosecutor Jeff Getting said Sunday. According to police, the first shooting took place around 6 p.m., when a woman was shot four times in an apartment complex parking lot. Getting said the woman — who was with her three children — is in serious condition, but expected to survive. Then, four hours later, two men — an 18-year-old and an older male — were shot and killed at a Kia dealership. Kalamazoo Public Safety Chief Jeff Hadley said the pair were there looking at a vehicle. Getting, who would not identify any of the victims, would not confirm reports that it was a father and son. Ten minutes after that, at around 10:10, police say Dalton fired on two vehicles in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel restaurant, killing four adult women and “gravely” injuring a 14-year-old girl. Getting said authorities initially thought the teen was dead. “Call it a miracle,” he said. “But she’s alive now.” “There is just no question more people would have died if (police) didn’t find him when they did,” Getting said. (CNN)

Jason Brian Dalton. CNN
Jason Brian Dalton. CNN

Long Island’s Top Official BattleSexting Accusations
He runs one of America’s largest suburban counties and has repeatedly deflected questions about federal probes of political cronies and personal friends. But until last week, Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano never had to utter one of the most dreaded phrases of 21st-century politics: “I have not sexted.” The 53-year-old Long Island Republican, a married father of two, found himself the focus of a television report on the eve of Valentine’ Day that alleged sexually suggestive texts were sent from his phone to a public relations executive who received two no-bid county contracts worth nearly $50,000. Mangano responded on camera that someone had obviously hacked into his phone, an explanation that drew immediate comparisons to former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner after he was accused of sexting in 2011. “I am outraged at this smear attempt and will take legal action against the sick individual who has sought to assassinate my character and hurt my family,” Mangano said in a statement.(ABC)

Apple attorney: FBI order could ‘destroy the iPhone as it exists’
The attorney representing Apple in its battle with the FBI over helping with the San Bernardino terrorism investigation said the demand could “destroy the iPhone as it exists.” Ted Olson told ABC’s “This Week” that Apple has cooperated with federal authorities but must “draw the line at recreating code, changing the iPhone.” His comments come two days after federal authorities filed strongly worded court papers claiming Apple appears more concerned with marketing strategy than national security. Olson described the case as “an extremely important debate about privacy [and] civil liberties” but said Apple is concerned about protecting the privacy of iPhone users. “This is a pandora’s box,” Olson said of the order, noting it could be used to force Apple to unlock data in many other cases. “There is no limit into what the government could require Apple to do,” he added. Olson said the order could also help foreign governments get access to iPhone data. (LA Times)

Trump wins big in SC primary as Bush bows out
Donald Trump charges into Nevada and the mega-March primaries with a commanding lead over the GOP field after sweeping to victory Saturday in the South Carolina primary – while Hillary Clinton can breathe a sigh of relief that her firewall held just enough to beat back Bernie Sanders in Nevada, as they head to Palmetto State territory. With votes from 92 percent of caucus precincts counted, Mrs. Clinton had won 52.6 percent, while Mr. Sanders had drawn 47.3 percent in relatively modest turnout. With Bush now out of the race, Ohio Gov. John Kasich is the only governor left standing on the GOP side. It remains unclear where his supporters will go. The only other candidate left is retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who vowed to press on. (FOX)

Trump wins big in SC primary as Bush bows out; Clinton edges Sanders in Nev
Trump wins big in SC primary as Bush bows out; Clinton edges Sanders in Nev