East Coast Welcomes Warm Air after Temperature Swings

By Joyce Yu

Philadelphia, PA–East coast has been experiencing a temperature roller coaster in the first three weeks into the new year. After starting off the year with brutal cold, temperatures finally return to above freezing level. With highs surpassing 50 degrees Fahrenheit in Philadelphia on Saturday, it feels like early spring.

by Joyce Yu

The city was soaked in the past week. After hours of rains last weekend, temperature plummeted 29 degrees and wet weather remained through the past Tuesday when the Philadelphia area was brushed with melting snow. On top of that, there was rain which made commute even worse. Schools throughout the region were closed. With the ground still frozen, water had nowhere to go but underground, flooding the subway stations in the city. Few days later, however, temperature soared rapidly with highs standing above 50 degrees today. Unfortunately, the nice weather won’t stay longer than 36 hours as wet condition set to come back early next week and the temperature will also be lower, according to weather forecast.

Snow storm swept East Coast this winter, placing it among the top five coldest stretch on records in the Big Apple. Parts of the Northeast were colder than Mars. While flu continues to widespread throughout the nation, fluctuating temperatures are expected to further challenge people’s immunes system. Doctor says roller coaster temperature may affect people with allergies, but they shouldn’t make you sick, as “the immune system prepared itself for changes in temperature, for changes in weather.”

Commentator for NBC WBIR Channel 10 Dr. Bob Overholt shared with channel, “When the temperature suddenly goes up and there’s dampness, it’s a perfect time for mold spores to be in the air and people that are sensitive, when they go outside, they’ll breathe in the mold. If they’re allergic to that, then they can have the allergic response which is similar to a common cold.”