Award Winning ‘POPPIES’ finalist in £1million Prize Festival

POPPIES is still making waves at festivals, and at the “Katra Film Festival” in Brooklyn on January 31, 2019, POPPIES received the Audience Choice Award!

Award winning director, Myles Yaksich, is a finalist for his film, POPPIES, in “That Film Festival” in Berlin, Germany (9 February 2019).

Three other films from the Cannes, London & Marbella showcases are competing with POPPIES for the grand prize of £1million funding, one year of sales and marketing, and will star in a 9-part docu-series.

“It has been a dream to write and direct ‘Poppies’ and I am very excited for the opportunity to bring ‘POPPIES’ to life in a feature length film,”  says first time director, Myles Yaksich. “While on a long-haul flight from Shanghai to New York, a despondent, American lawyer becomes seduced by the enchanting stories of a wise, Chinese woman seated beside him; unleashing feelings he had tried to bury deep inside.”

POPPIES features Kara Wang 王仲欣 (“TOP GUN: Maverick”), Matthew Knowles 马泰 (“Asura”), Cindera Che (“Fresh off the Boat”) and new-comer Jonathan Stanton. The feature-length film will be written and directed by Myles Yaksich, and executive produced by industry veteran Jennie Lew Tugend (the “Free Willy” and “Lethal Weapon” franchises).

Film Synopsis:

Fate intervenes, when Charles, a young and over-worked American corporate lawyer, finds himself seated beside an elderly Chinese woman with a mysterious past, Auntie Ling on a contemporary flight from Shanghai to New York. After noticing the beautiful bouquet of Poppies that Charles has brought on-board the flight, Auntie Ling reminisces about the early years of her marriage to Shu Zhen, an opium trader in 1940s Shanghai, and tries to coax Charles out of his solitude. Slowly lured into her stories, Charles begins to see the layers beneath Auntie Ling’s polished facade. Poppies brought Charles and Auntie Ling together, underscoring the fine line between joy and sorrow…life and death. Influenced by real events, Poppies explores the cross-cultural and cross-generational relationships that develop between strangers in mid-air.