「Global Entertainment」The Oscar-sending Film “Harper” Will be Warmly Premiering in North American Theaters on December 15

「Global Entertainment」The Oscar-sending Film “Harper” Will be Warmly Premiering in North American Theaters on December 15

“A child who grew up in a culture different from his or her parents.”

                                                                         –Kayla Bohan

The Oscar-sending film, “Harper,” starring 11-year-old child actress Kayla Bohan, will be warmly premiering in North American theaters on December 15. Additionally, Kayla Bohan will represent the film to race  “the Best Leading Actress” for Oscar Award. 

Lately, 《Harper》released two versions of posters, “warmly breeze” and “dearly friendship ”  The movie tells a story about A heart wrenching story about an 11-year-old girl losing her single father suddenly, forced to live with her alcoholic aunt on a dilapidated family farm; only to be torn asunder when her rich Southern Belle mother who abandoned her at birth reappears to claim her for her own, selfish reasons.

The main tone of the film is tender and bright, but it also explores a topic around the life challenges a child who is raised without their parents. Chinese-American producer Kate Bohan, produced, directed, and wrote for this film. She has great achievements in international film awards. With sophisticated storytelling and her control on the details in characters’ emotions, she presents the softness and the powerfulness in Harper (starred Kayla Bohan), with Harper’s journey living on a farm with her aunt Etta, after the passing of her father. When she realized that she is abandoned and not welcomed by her family, the princess-to-be grows to be someone who can chop wood, fall to a pile of horse manure, walk alone in the woods, and learn things she has never experienced before.

It is reported that the 11-year-old star Kayla Bohan, is an actress and also a songwriting singer.This is her second feature film. In this film, she also sang three original songs that she wrote and composed herself. She certainly showed excellent results as both actress and singer. During the 50+ days of the filming period, she worked hard, not eating or sleeping well, but she did not complain. With a fresh and natural performance, she proved herself to the audience.

Kayla Bohan co-stars Gina Vitori from the HBO series 《9-1-1》 and 《Betrayed》, and Eric Paul Erickson from 《The Last Ship》. The film is being released in North American theaters at LAEMMLE NOHO 7, LAEMMLE’S PLAYHOUSE 7, and LAEMMLE NEWHALL.

 This film is dedicated to children and people struggling with the pain of being separated from their loved ones. May love be your guide.                                                                                                                                                       ——Kate Bohan