Caring for the Community, the Benevolence Temple Held Its Year-end Dinner of Gratitude

Las Vegas–The Benevolence Temple in Las Vegas held its 2021 Christmas celebration and year-end dinner of gratitude on the evening of December 18th. About 130 guests attended the celebration event.

The Benevolence Temple, a Buddhist temple established in 2019, follows the teachings of the Pope of Buddhism, Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, and Namo Shakyamuni Buddha to learn from Buddha to cultivate oneself, to be compassionate, and to benefit others. The temple welcomes Buddhists from all different schools and treats people of different religions, races, and genders with loving-kindness and equality.

Under the leadership of Zhengda Jiaozun, the Vice Chairman of the World Buddhism Association Headquarters, the Benevolence Temple learns and carries out the authentic Buddhist teachings. In the spirit of loving-kindness and altruism, it actively participates in community activities and invites local residents of different religions and races to participate in its year-end dinner of gratitude to celebrate the Christmas season.

Zhengda Jiaozun delivered an opening speech at the dinner party: “The Benevolence Temple of Las Vegas in the United States is a Buddhist temple that treats all equally and has compassion as its foundation in facing with the humankind and living beings. We follow the teachings of the Pope of Buddhism, Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, and Namo Shakyamuni Buddha in cultivating ourselves and learning from Buddha, having great loving-kindness, great compassion, benevolence and care toward all living beings, eliminating evil and promoting good. I hereby pray to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to protect the United States and bring prosperity and peace to the country, its people, and the society, as well as Las Vegas. I pray that all countries in the world are prosperous and their people are healthy, the pandemic will be eradicated, and disaster will be avoided, good fortune and wisdom will grow, and all people are safe and joyful.”

Later, the Las Vegas Chinese News Network President Kent Wu said: “Today, I am very happy to join you in the winter solstice party held by the Benevolence Temple. From the word ‘benevolence’ in the name of the Benevolence Temple, one can understand the relationship between ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’. In the introduction of the Benevolence Temple, I also see that the Benevolence Temple carries out the spirit of benevolence and altruism, actively participates in community activities, and unifies local residents and people from different religions and races. Their dedication spirit and contribution to the community are truly admirable. The Benevolence Temple takes root in Las Vegas, provides spiritual comfort to the public, and plays a role for social harmony and stabilization. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere respect to the monastics of the Benevolence Temple. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, peace and joy!”

Alain Uboldi is working as an advisor in Dodge City, Kansas. He expressed his gratitude for the teachings of Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and Zhengda Jiaozun. He was born in Monte-Carlo, Monaco and was married to a Chinese lady. He has done business in Europe and the U.S. for many years, and he live in Las Vegas now. Due to his multicultural experiences, he knew the importance of the unity and harmony among all the ethnic groups in the community. Benevolence is a Buddhist temple, but it is not limited to the nature of religion. It specially invited representatives of the neighboring Christian and Catholic churches, and local residents to join in this activity. He expressed that his wife and him were pleased to participate in today’s dinner party. He had the chance to meet twice H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and has attended many dharma assemblies conducted by Zhengda Jiaozun in the Benevolence Temple. He was not in a good physical condition before learning Buddhism. However, his physical condition had improved after learning Buddhism to cultivate. He said that he felt at home in the Benevolence Temple as the monastics and volunteers in the Temple were very kind. He hoped that the people around him would join him and learn Buddhism in the Benevolence Temple.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the global economic downturn has affected all walks of life, and social distancing has increased the feeling of alienation among people. The monastics and resident lay people of the Benevolence Temple, under the leadership of the Zhengda Jiaozun, provided their care toward the local residents through the dinner party and prayed for auspiciousness and safety for them, which has brought people closer.

The party was kicked off with dragon and lion dances and followed by the activity of lighting the blessing lamps. The temple also provided vegetarian food and small gifts for the guests. All participants spent their time with gratitude and joy.

The Benevolence Temple also stated that it would continue to hold more charitable activities in the future. Participation in the community and the care for others are precisely the best realization of the Christmas spirit.