Former Mayor of San Gabriel Jason Pu Appointed by President Biden as HUD Regional Administrator

Washington, DC—President Biden today appointed Jason Pu as Department of Housing and Urban Development Regional Administrator, Region 9

Jason Pu is a member of the City Council and two-time Mayor of the City of San Gabriel in Los Angeles County, California. He also serves as Chair of the Transportation Committee of the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments and President of the API Caucus of the League of California Cities.

Mr. Pu has been a leader in the city and the region in managing multiple crises, combatting COVID-19, addressing regional housing and homelessness issues, fixing the city’s infrastructure, and stimulating local economic development efforts.

His efforts have led to a fully-vaccinated rate of over 90% among those eligible in the city, the initiation of the city’s first and only affordable housing project, an improvement in pavement condition index from 48 to 82, the construction of new playgrounds and parks, state and federal resources in the region to complete major logistics, transportation, and housing projects, and the construction of several major economic development projects that will include hundreds of new housing units and over 250,000 square feet of new commercial space for new jobs and businesses.

Previously, Mr. Pu was a business attorney specializing in finance, real estate, and corporate in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. Mr. Pu is a graduate of Stanford University and the UCLA School of Law.