Former Long Beach City Mayor Bob Foster endorses Suzie Price For Mayor

Former Long Beach City Mayor Bob Foster endorses Suzie Price For Mayor

She Has The “Pragmatism, Intelligence, and Work Ethic”

Long Beach, CA – Today, Former Long Beach City Mayor Robert “Bob” Foster announced his endorsement of City Councilwoman Suzie Aramesh Price for Long Beach City Mayor.

“I strongly support Suzie Price to be the next Mayor of Long Beach,” said Foster. “Suzie has been a leader since she was elected to the City Council in 2014. I admire her pragmatism, intelligence, and work ethic, which are reflected in the accomplishments for her district. She is a straight talker, who will speak her mind and she is unafraid to make difficult decisions. Suzie puts the welfare of her City ahead of any other considerations.. She is the right candidate at the right time to lead Long Beach in the difficult times ahead.”

Suzie Price

Bob Foster, a well respected community and business leader in the City of Long Beach, was elected as Long Beach City Mayor in 2006. Foster served two terms as Mayor of Long Beach, championing energy, public safety, and economic policies and initiatives that benefited the City immensely. Prior to his time as Long Beach Mayor, Foster was appointed to the California State University Board of Trustees in 1998, and served as President of Southern California Edison in 2002. He currently serves as President of Prometheus Advisors Computer & Network Security.

“I value the pragmatic and strong leadership Mayor Foster gave our City,” said Price. “His fiscally prudent and no nonsense approach to managing our budget helped Long Beach bounce back from an incredibly difficult period of recession. His strong leadership is what kept Long Beach moving in the right direction. And I hope to build upon his great work.”

Mom, Councilwoman, Small Business Owner, and Prosecutor, Suzie Aramesh Price is running for Mayor to get Long Beach back to basics, with a competent and functional City Government focused on improving the quality of life for its residents. Elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2018, Price was the first Democrat elected to Council District 3 in 42 years. On the City Council, Suzie has worked across district lines to focus on homelssenss, public safety, street repair, infrastructure investment, improving and expanding our green spaces, and ensuring Long Beach remains a place where you can afford to buy a home and start a business. Suzie and her husband Mark, a military veteran, have lived in Long Beach for 20 years where they are raising their two boys.