Maloney Sworn in as Alhambra Mayor Emphasizes Sustainability and Strength of Community in Inaugural Statement

ALHAMBRA, California – Councilmember Jeffrey Koji Maloney was sworn in as mayor of the City of Alhambra in a reorganization ceremony held Monday night, attended virtually by residents and supporters.

Maloney, an environmental attorney with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, was reelected to the City Council in 2020, and is now the longest-serving member on the Alhambra City Council. This is his second time serving as Mayor of the city of 83,000 residents, known as the “Gateway to the San Gabriel Valley.”

Jeffrey Koji Maloney was sworn in as mayor of the City of Alhambra

In his inaugural remarks, Maloney praised his colleagues and City staff’s perseverance over the last two years as he recapped the City’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, their efforts to reduce traffic congestion, and the necessity of developing a common sense housing policy that meets the needs of Alhambra residents.

Maloney has often spoken forcefully about the imperative of developing the City’s first comprehensive sustainability plan, which will address climate change and implement a number of new environmental policies.

Jeffrey Koji Maloney was sworn in as mayor of the City of Alhambra

“Climate change is an existential threat, not only to our community, but to our entire planet,” Maloney stated. “My vision is that the sustainability plan will fundamentally alter our City’s impact on our environment in a way that minimizes the disruption to our daily lives. I am confident we will get it done.”

Maloney, who holds leadership positions with several Asian American Pacific Islander organizations, also noted the recent rise in hate incidents against Asian Americans, imploring all residents to come together and face such issues head on.

“I take it as my personal responsibility as your Mayor to help bind this community together to ensure we’re ready to face any challenge that comes our way,” said Maloney.

Maloney currently represents Alhambra on the Clean Power Alliance, the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, and the League of California Cities as Vice President of the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus and as a member of the Transportation, Communication, and Public Works Committee. Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, Maloney is two decade resident of Alhambra, where he lives with his wife, Akiko, and their two young children.


About Alhambra – Alhambra is a California charter city originally incorporated in 1903 and takes its name from the Washington Irving book, Tales of the Alhambra. Located approximately seven miles northeast of Downtown Los Angeles, Alhambra is noted for its diverse population, historic neighborhoods, and award-winning cuisine. More information at: